Top Tips for Getting Major Event Tickets

For many people, attending a big sporting or entertainment event can be something that they look forward to for months.

This domain is one that is also very popular both with private individuals and of course, corporate event hospitality.

However, it is also an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes problems can arise in one of three areas:

an inability to secure tickets;
major problems getting to the event on time;
prohibitive ticket costs.
In what follows, we’ll examine a few top tips as to how the risks of encountering problems in these areas can be reduced or even eliminated:
plan and apply for your tickets as early as possible. Major events are almost always in high demand and leaving things until the last moment is a strategy likely to result in extreme disappointment;
in cases where demand vastly exceeds supply, whatever the various regulations and laws might say, you may need to accept that you will be forced to go to the private marketplace in order to secure tickets. If you do need to secure tickets from agencies or resellers, it is probably advisable to try and get them earlier rather than later.
The later you leave it, the more likely you are to be asked to pay eye-watering prices. Buying outside the venue on the day/night might mean you’ll secure some bargains, as people try to offload tickets at lower prices that they’ve struggled to sell previously but the risks of disappointment will be high and you may be at risk from fraudsters;
only purchase tickets from licensed and authorised outlets. Buying from ticket touts is always risky in terms of counterfeits;
don’t assume the best when making your travel arrangements. Public and standard taxi transport can be extremely disrupted and in short supply when a major event is taking place. Instead, contact a luxury limo hire provider and make sure you have pre-booked professional transport at your disposal in order to get you there;
don’t think you know best about routes and timings. If you are using a professional chauffeured limousine service, take their advice about things such as departure times. They will have done the run many times before and will know just what the prevailing traffic conditions are likely to be;
be prepared to find it difficult, in some cases, for your driver or chauffeur to gain very close access to the venue. Security restrictions are sadly now commonplace at such events and access may be restricted. In a situation where you have someone with you with limited mobility, special arrangements may be possible if you provide sufficient advance notice;
if you are using a limousine or luxury coach hire service, yet again though, remember to try and book as early as possible. Such services are likely to be in great demand in the run up to major events;
in situations where you are travelling in larger parties, make it clear to all joining you that you have a strict policy about arriving at the departure point well in advance of your planned departure time. You should also make it clear that you will be leaving at the specified time and that it will not be delayed for anyone under any circumstances.
That may sound mean! However, surprisingly, one of the commonest causes of major problems in reaching an event on time is when an individual or individuals in a party arrive late for the coach or limo’s departure, holding everyone else up in the process. That means a late departure for the event for everybody and that in turn leads to sometimes catastrophic results and lots of ill-feeling.

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When Is It Time to Switch Your Limo Hire Company?

Whether you are booking a limousine for the first time, or you have already had the honour of using such service, you must know that choosing the right company can be a bit bothersome. Yet, there is one thing sure: knowing when your limo hire company is no good is rather easy to determine. There are obvious problems, which are indicative of a bad company. If you are not satisfied with the service you get, it is probably because of one (or more) of these reasons:

Price issues – one of the most common problems people run into regarding limo companies is hidden fees. What you consider to be the perfect deal, most affordable and easy to book, may well end up to be the most expensive service you have ever hired. A lot of companies use such strategies to draw new clients, only to present them with a ton of hidden costs after the service has been booked. That is usually the case with very low pricing, which you should be aware of. If your current limo company has done this, you must immediately look for another one. Companies should be upfront with you about the cost. Only then can you budget adequately and know that the company is not a suspicious one.

You have problems with the vehicle – all decent limo companies invest in keeping their fleet in top shape at all times. After all, the last thing you want to discover on your limo ride is messy interior, damage to upholstery and other signs of wear and tear. All of this is an indication that the company lacks dedication to customer experience. Every reputable limo hire company should be giving their vehicles thorough cleans after every use to ensure they are ready for the next customer. Of course, cleaning is just part of the picture. Limousine also needs to fare great on the mechanical chart. There must be no trace of mechanical malfunction. Any such issues will significantly impact your experience and indicate that you should change companies the next time. You need a limo service provider that keeps vehicles up to standard.

Chauffeur attitude – even if the limousine is in excellent condition, it is the attitude of the driver that will affect your final opinion on the matter. If they don’t make you feel welcome, then you will hardly have a good time, unfortunately. You need well-trained professionals, who will interact with you respectfully and contribute to your wellbeing with such service.

Punctuality – another great aspect of limo hire service is the punctuality of the driver. What use is such service if you are late for an important event? Delays contribute to a lot of stress, which can quickly ruin your fun. A limo hire company whose vehicle runs late is hardly good option for you.

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